A Moment of Joy in Difficult Times

03 Apr A Moment of Joy in Difficult Times

Gratitude, Connection and Joy

Last night at 8pm I joined the clapping, cheering and general displays of gratitude.

This didn’t come easily to me – I am grateful, of course, but some aspect of my make-up had been holding me back from joining in.

a moment of joy

I woke this morning thinking about gratitude and I noticed something that I must have been overlooking, not seeing, or maybe ignoring: There is a strong overlap between gratitude, connection and joy. When we step out onto the doorstep, or lean out of a window to clap our thanks and appreciation, not only are we expressing our gratitude, we are also connecting, with our neighbours, with all the people working and volunteering in our communities, and with people in every country in the world affected by COVID-19. And it brings us a moment of joy.

And the joy is multiplied when I recognise it.

difficult times

I know these are a difficult time for us all, a terrible time for many, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

My prescription is, notice the little moments in life where you can still feel gratitude and connection and joy. Recognise the moments of joy.


Practise lifting your spirits.

Sali Mustafic
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