About Us

InterBe was founded to give people and organisations the opportunity to live a life of freedom, possibility and choice.

We believe in people being free from… (the stories that hold them back) and free to… (live a life of possibility).

Our clients range from large organisations like the NHS to individuals seeking transformation in any aspect of their lives.

Although Narrative is a recognised concept in medicine, psychology, communication, leadership, psychotherapy and counselling, until now it has not existed in coaching. We have pioneered our own unique model of Narrative Transformation.

We transform people’s personal and professional lives through our training programmes, coaching, mediation and workshops.

Our Name and Inspirations

The name InterBe is inspired by The Order of Interbeing, founded by Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk, teacher, author, poet and peace activist. We share his belief in the interconnectedness of all. In our experience, no change ever occurs in isolation. When we change, we change the people around us. Similarly, when the people around us change, we inevitably change too. Our work with businesses and groups of people focuses largely on the importance of the relationships with those around us, which are created by the stories we tell and the conversations we have.


InterBe’s work is influenced by many different thought-leaders, from ancient philosophies such as Taoism to modern day pioneers such as Sir Ken Robinson, Caroline Ellis, Warren Bennis and Michael White.

Simon Daly, Director

Simon began his career in management, before specialising in transformation, leadership and coaching. He completed extensive self-development and self-awareness work, before undergoing ontological training and learning to live a life of possibility. As part of this process, he acquired the skills of triple listening, which are vital for effective coaching. Over the course of 8 years, Simon has amassed more than 12,000 hours of coaching experience. Today he coaches all types of people from Chief Executives, Directors and Senior Managers through to frontline staff and individuals.

Mo Cohen

Mo Cohen, Director

Mo originally trained as a clinical psychologist. He has a BA in Psychology, an MSc in Clinical Psychology and a second Masters degree in Creative Conflict Transformation through the Arts. For 25 years, Mo has worked with organisations to deliver innovative and professionally-rooted leadership development and coaching programmes. His main area of expertise is Organisational and Personal Transformation, with a particular focus on authentic leadership and narrative approaches to communication and conflict transformation.