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23 Mar Welcome to Articles in Possibility

Welcome to the Articles of Possibility

Now is not the time

We know that now is not the time for the distraction of meetings and courses.We know that we must give you the time and space you need to be able to do what you need to do right now, that this is a time, unlike any other in our lifetimes, for each of us to focus on the demands that we see right in front of us.

Something, someone, to turn to

So, we are not asking anything of you here. We are offering you something to turn to, a moment to breathe. The articles of possibility is a collection of ideas, thoughts and essays intended to support and inspire you at work, at home, in troubled times and beyond.

Mo, Sali, and Simon

We are all here for each other, and for you. We, Mo, Sali and Simon, acknowledge that Interbeing means that our conversations with you are always two-way processes. We gain insights and understanding of ourselves while we facilitate transformation for others. You do this too. You give and you receive in your encounters and conversations. The real benefits come through in your reflection on those processes, this is when you can notice that you were making choices, and consider what alternatives were available to you and what difference they might have made.


Each of us has a purpose and our purpose is clearer to us today, possibly than it has ever been.

Remind yourself of your purpose right now and, when you turn back to face the demands being made of you, with this purpose in mind, things may seem different.

That will be enough. You are enough. You are doing this, you’ve got it, right now.


We have all come to know and understand that change is one of the constants in life. This most recent crisis (COVID-19) has forced us to confront the notion of personal choice and control. We want to reassure you that even when you don’t have control, you always have choice: more about this in our next article.


The Spanish thinker Ortega Y Gasset said “All we are given is possibility, to make of ourselves one thing or another”.

Y Gasset was referring to possibility in an unusual way. Not the everyday meaning of whether something can be done or achieved, not that something that may or may not happen, or that it is uncertain. Rather he was describing possibility as a human way of being.

Be aware of your choices, make them in the light of your purpose, this is how you are being a contribution to yourself, your family and friends, your work colleagues, and to us.

Gratitude and acknowledgement

We are grateful to you, your work and your purpose whatever it is. And we acknowledge you for your presence and contribution.

Come back when you can, pause for a moment, and see what else we have to offer.

Thank you.

Mo, Sali and Simon

Sali Mustafic
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