Organisational Transformation

Many businesses seeking to bring about change focus on doing things differently. In our experience, true transformational change only occurs when people within the organisation start to be a different way. This is how we approach change.

This is because when people start to be different, their doing automatically changes.  The result is change at a deeper and more sustainable level – true transformational change.

Narrative Transformation teaches organisations how better relationships can be built by improving the quality of conversations that take place in the interactions between individuals. Although this may sound superficial, the impact is profound. Businesses that commit to Narrative Transformation, experience a huge range of benefits including: cultural and relational transformation, improved communications, increased productivity, and reduced absenteeism and workplace stress.

Organisational Transformation

We work with people in organisations to help them to be different. This creates a whole range of far-reaching organisational impacts including breakthroughs in relationships and communication, cultural shifts and conflict transformation.


Good business is all about relationships – the relationships between the business and its customers or stakeholders, the relationships between managers and staff, the relationships between work colleagues, the relationship between the employees’ personal values and the organisation’s corporate values….


We believe that the only way to achieve profound and lasting change is to focus on the quality of these relationships.

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We deliver the following Narrative Transformation programmes, tailored for individual organisations:


  1. Narrative Transformation Programmes, including leadership transformation, Action Learning, conflict transformation and culture transformation.
  2. Narrative Coaching.
  3. Narrative Mediation and support for frontline staff.
  4. Healthy Staff initiatives transforming motivation in lifestyle generated diseases

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