Developing a resilience mindset

08 Aug Developing a resilience mindset

Resilience is the ability to maintain a high standard of performance and professionalism under pressure. It is about having effective coping strategies, being able to bounce back, maintaining a sense of control in the face of challenge or adversity.

For midwives, doctors and obstetricians, resilience is a crucial quality given that people’s lives are at risk and the working day is unpredictable, demanding and at times emotionally charged. InterBe recently teamed with one of the UK’s leading mother and newborn baby charities, Baby Lifeline to create a resilience workshop aimed at maternity professionals.

Whereas much resilience training focuses on providing a toolbox of techniques, InterBe’s approach was more about having a resilience mindset. At the end of the workshop, participants said they were taking away a number of different ways of thinking that would improve their resilience at work. These included: speaking what you want into existence; “I am the source of my experience” and letting go of recurring thoughts.

Participants reflected that the course was unlike other training and provided new ways to think about resilience. One said: “This should be mandatory for all NHS staff. It’s the missing link in the current training.” Another said: “Please continue to make [this] available to everyone in maternity and beyond.”

A further workshop is planned for January 2017. For further information visit:


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