Family and Personal Transformation

InterBe changes people’s lives. Or, more accurately, we support people to change their own lives.

Few of us are really aware of the stories, or narratives, that we tell ourselves… about who we are, about the world, about the people around us. Our work with individuals and families focuses on supporting them to recognise these stories, to understand why they are important and how to tell different stories.

Our Transformational Work with Families, Couples and Individuals

You can choose to work with us in a number of different ways.

Narrative Coaching

Narrative Coaching is one of the most powerful ways of experiencing the transformative power of re-authoring your stories. Through one-to-one discussion and conversation, we will help you to explore what reality you are creating for yourself through the stories you tell, what meaning you make from this and who you are being in this process. We will guide you in a process of re-authoring your narratives to create breakthrough and transformation. The results of this process cannot be predicted at the outset but are invariably life-changing.


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Transformational Family Coaching

Transformational Family Coaching offers a way for families to resolve difficult relationships, miscommunication and conflict. Working either with entire families or with representatives of the family, we invite you to explore your family narratives and the conclusions you draw about them. You will discover how different people in the family can give different meanings to the same behaviours and events. And, crucially, you will explore how it’s possible to change what you make these things mean by telling a different story about them. When you tell an entirely different story, you produce entirely different outcomes. This is what we mean by transformational.


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