Key Qualities of Tomorrow’s Leaders

28 Apr Key Qualities of Tomorrow’s Leaders

Tomorrow’s leaders need to ground themselves in

1.  A new paradigm (frame of reference)

2.  A new ontology (way of being)

3.  A new epistemology (way of knowing)


To become someone who is willing to:

• question taken for granted assumptions and understandings about the world especially the social world of relationships, communication, perception and meaning.

• challenge the view that there is any such thing as objective knowledge, facts or unbiased observation of the world.

• be suspicious of grand narratives or meta narratives that masquerade as truth.

• question the idea that people contain essential or core qualities that make them what or who they are.

• be open to the idea that identity is a phenomenon created in language and is relational and contextual not individual and psychological.

• recognise that all our knowledge and ways of understanding are particular to, and products of, the time and place that has generated those same ways of knowing and understanding.

• consider that what we call reality is itself a social construction, and that truth is a fluid, dynamic, evolving and emergent phenomena.

• recognise that everything we talk about – people, places, events, circumstances, identity, selves – is being invented as we speak …

It’s all invented!

Albert Einstein Leadership



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