Narrative Coaching for Organisations

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08 Aug Narrative Coaching for Organisations

Command and control has had its day. The most successful modern managers embody a more collaborative, creative approach that enables staff to flourish and be their very best.

Narrative Coaching accelerates this shift from manager in charge to manager as enabler. It gives managers valuable insights into themselves and enables them to develop skills such as empathy, listening and compassion.

Narrative Coaching is proven to help businesses navigate change, achieve shifts in culture, transform conflict and cultivate a more creative workplace environment. Organisations that invest in this type of coaching experience a wide range of benefits including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Better teamwork and communication
  • Improved motivation and engagement
  • Staff empowerment
  • Conflict transformation


The power of Narrative

Narrative recognises the power of people’s internal and external dialogue. InterBe is the founder of Narrative Transformation which focuses on the beliefs, perceptions and ideas that people hold about themselves, about others and about the world. Empowering them to change these narratives creates the conditions for transformation. Narrative Coaching is one of the vehicles we use to achieve Narrative Transformation.

What our coaches do

A Narrative Coach starts from the premise that you are the expert in your own life. The aim of coaching is to support you to design a new future for yourself, to step outside the bounds of what is known or familiar. Narrative Coaching provides the foundation for you to:

  • Think big and achieve breakthrough results
  • Dismantle the barriers that hold you back and accelerate your performance
  • Tackle the issues you usually avoid
  • Respond positively to setbacks and disappointments
  • Achieve your goals in all areas of your life


What our clients say about Narrative Coaching

Rebecca Harriott, Chief Officer, Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG said:

“The NHS is seeking innovative ideas to cope with a changing environment; InterBe provides them. The bank of internal coaches that InterBe has trained are having a major impact enabling staff at all levels to take personal responsibility during the current change programme and to maintain and achieve a sense of motivation and purpose.”

Caroline Millard, Transformation Project Manager, Virgin Care said:

“InterBe’s impact on our leadership team has been considerable, particularly the individual coaching. Their way of working invites you to examine your basic assumptions and working models and to check just how accurate they really are. By questioning in this way you shift your awareness of words and behaviour and think much more about what is truly possible, and then tackling difficulties from an entirely different perspective.”


For more information contact InterBe on 01392 346224.


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