It’s a messy time. A time of transition.

26 Aug It’s a messy time. A time of transition.

This is a time of shifting stories, of Narrative Transformations.

It’s a messy time. A time of transition.

crowdNew ideas from the West, the new sciences, systems thinking, complexity and chaos theory, and old ideas from the East, Zen, Tao, are influencing our ways of thinking and our ways of working. New metaphors are transforming our way of seeing the world; metaphors from nature and art, jazz and poetry, literature and drama. This is true in health, politics, education, business, finance; everyone is grappling with this transition to non-linearity, systems, holism, and quantum thinking.

Leading today is all about living with uncertainty and ambiguity. It’s no longer about arriving at a destination that simply seems out of reach; it is about reaching a destination that no one has ever imagined. Get in touch about our leadership and coaching programmes:

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