Pioneering programme changes lives

02 Mar Pioneering programme changes lives

InterBe, which pioneered Narrative Transformation, has launched a two and a half-day transformational training programme in South Devon.


At a time when the government is urging people to take greater responsibility for their own health and wellbeing[1], The Genesis Programme provides a comprehensive introduction to the life-changing potential of Narrative Transformation as a therapeutic approach. InterBe Director Mo Cohen explained:


“Narrative is an increasingly common approach in medicine, psychology, communication, leadership, psychotherapy and counselling.[2] InterBe created the Narrative Transformation model which is founded on the premise that by changing the stories that we tell… about the world, about ourselves, about each other… we can dramatically change our lives and improve our mental health. People on the pilot programme experienced breakthroughs in relation to childhood traumas, guilt and grief, sometimes dating back decades.


“I’m not talking here about fictional stories. I’m talking about the real-life stories that we make up to help us make sense of the world. For example, something might happen to us when we are a child that leads us to draw a particular conclusion about ourselves. We call this an identity conclusion. Common identity conclusions include “I’m shy”, “I’m not artistic” or “I’m not confident”. Throughout our lives we then search for the evidence to support this conclusion about ourselves. These become our dominant stories or narratives. People have many different stories. The process of Narrative Transformation entails recognising the stories we tell that do not serve us and identifying more empowering alternatives. It sounds simple – and in many ways it is – but the results can be profound.”


It is the first time that InterBe, which is more accustomed working with large organisations like the NHS, BP, The Yellow Pages and Somerset Care, has created an open access programme. Co-Director, Simon Daly, who instigated the programme said:


“We want to make the amazing benefits of Narrative Transformation available to a wider range of people. The programme is a mix of different approaches that we have used in large organisations, as well as some new techniques created specifically for this course. It is a stand-alone programme but people can also take further programmes if they want to as part of our Experience Living series. The aim is to give people the tools and techniques they need to free themselves from limiting beliefs and to completely transform their lives.”


The Genesis Programme runs on March 13-15, May 8-10 and July 10-12. It costs £199 including VAT. Bursaries are available and there is on-site accommodation for anyone who needs it (not included in cost).


One of the participants from the pilot Genesis programme, which ran in January 2015, wrote:


“I know now for sure that my life is full of endless possibilities of positive experiences, which leaves me feeling exhilarated, light and free. I am finally now ready to tell a new and real story, full of hope, possibilities, peace and light. I have let go of that old and painfully sad story. It no longer serves a purpose, because it is no longer true.”


Another said:


“Since the course I have sometimes been able to talk myself down from a high state of anxiety and I have twice pulled myself out of the treacle of depression by reminding myself to be in the experience and thinking “how would it be if” and trying to turn around my expectation of a situation, not to be stuck in my old stories.”


InterBe, which is based at the innovative Hannah’s at Seale Hayne development near Newton Abbot[3], delivers a range of transformational training and development programmes, including culture change, conflict transformation and Narrative Mediation, as well as providing Narrative Coaching and transformational family coaching. Co-founder, Mo Cohen was one of the first people to introduce Open Space Technology to the UK and has written a book called Tao – The Way of the Coach.


Visit: or call 01392 346224.




For interviews, images or further information contact:

Kate Philbin at InterBe on 01392 346224 or 07970 107123

Or Clare Bampton at Bampton Communications on 01332 865452 or 07852 824295

[1] In the Government paper, Our health, our care, our say: a new direction for community services, the second highest priority identified during the Citizens Summit was a focus on mental wellbeing. The report says: “People want to keep themselves well, and take control of their own health.”


[2] Narrative medicine recognises the value of people’s narratives in clinical practice, research and education. As of late 1990s physicians like Rachel Naomi Remen and Rita Charon have argued that medical practice should be structured around the narrative. Charon said:”Sick people need physicians who can understand their diseases, treat their medical problems, and accompany them through their illnesses.”[1]

[3] Hannah’s at Seale Hayne is a innovating learning community where people of all abilities and disabilities work side by side.

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