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27 Mar Practical solutions

Practical Solutions

Sali asked me a couple of days ago if I could write something about practical solutions that maintain the space of possibility.

We’ve spoken in the past about doing and being and how being underpins doing – the idea that how we are being shapes what we do.

Stress, anxiety, and wellbeing

I know many people are asking for and searching for practical skills to help them get through the day – to reduce stress and anxiety, to stay safe and maintain their well-being.

It may seem that by focussing on being rather than doing, we have not been paying attention to people’s needs. That’s it’s all abstract theory while what you are looking for is practical solutions.


But I want to bridge the dichotomy and come from it all from a different direction. I want to look from the perspective of praxis, practice and performance.

Praxis isn’t one side or the other it’s the bridge between the theoretical conceptual and the practical. It is informed and committed action. It is the way in which we demonstrate all that we know in the way that we are. In a way it is the bridge between reflection and action.

It is how you engage with the world and others in your world and is intimately in entwined with communication, thinking, speaking and listening. Embodied praxis is the way practical skills are embodied and show up in your performance: how you are accomplishing something, how you fulfil something, how you provide something. In the Middle Ages it meant how you have something come true – as in perform miracles.


Just like the words consciousness and science, both practice and praxis have their roots in the Latin for knowledge or knowing, neither is right nor wrong – the way we find our ways to solutions is not from either or, but by bringing together two seemingly opposite ideas and allowing them to form a new and different shape which is of course possibility

Every day you may feel you are being asked to perform miracles. Every day you are called upon to be the best you that you can be. It is through praxis, by being human, by knowing who you are and how you are being, that you call on yourself to fulfil your purpose at any given moment.

You’ve got this.

Sali Mustafic
  • Robin Lockhart
    Posted at 12:13h, 27 March Reply

    Lovely piece. Thank You.

    • Sali Mustafic
      Posted at 17:04h, 29 March Reply

      Thanks for reading it Robin 🙂

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