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Developing a resilience mindset

Resilience is the ability to maintain a high standard of performance and professionalism under pressure. It is about having effective coping strategies, being able to...

A New Conception of Leadership – Part II
The Part I of A New Conception of Leadership covers the first group of ten leaders’ qualities that come from this new conception of leadership. In this second part, you will learn 10 more qualities such as integrity, authenticity, responsibility and more. What are these new leaders’ qualities within the new conception of leadership?
The Game Changer
It's interesting how the brain works. Have you ever had something that you've been searching for in your mind for ages, somehow magically appear? For the last four years I've been looking for the magical solution to telling people how our work at InterBe produces such dramatic effects. But this morning, the obvious (in retrospect) solution dramatically appeared.
Narrative Coaching

By changing our stories anything becomes possible!

Narrative coaching understands that all problems are constructed from the meaning we give to the events and circumstances of our lives. Problems only live in language – in the way we speak about them – rather than being found in circumstances, other people or inside ourselves. By placing problems into a wider storyline, new solutions, insights and possibilities for action open up.
The Benefits of Personal Coaching

The best coaching is much more than arriving at a destination that seems out of reach,

it is about reaching a destination that you have never imagined.

Presence is not the same as charisma. Charisma often relies on fame, skilful acting or the projection of an aura of specialness. Presence arises from the depths of a person’s being. Presence is a function of listening. It shows up in your responses to people’s questions. When you are present, your answers will fall directly into their world and they will know you have been listening. They will feel heard. When people feel heard they feel supported and valued. This is a platform for trust. Trust is a specific result of presence. Presence is a function of sharing. People experience you as present when you share authentically from your own experience, without withholding.