The Benefits of Personal Coaching

04 Apr The Benefits of Personal Coaching

The best coaching is much more than arriving at a destination that seems out of reach,

it is about reaching a destination that you have never imagined.

You may be asking yourself

  • What are the main benefits of a personal coach?
  • What could I get from being coached?
  • What do I really want to achieve?
  • Where am I stopped, stuck or limited in my success?
  • What insights and breakthroughs would make a difference in my work and in my life?”

Perhaps you want to

  • improve relationships
  • be bigger than you thought you were
  • solve problems
  • create new organisations
  • develop organisations
  • be a leader
  • support people
  • reduce your stress levels
  • enjoy your life
  • experience peace and joy

There are many reasons to consider a personal coach.

Ultimately the purpose of working with a coach is to create a new freedom for yourself, a freedom in which you are free to experiment, to act on a new idea, to take on a new challenge, expand your courage to take a risk, learn from failure; in fact a new freedom to be fully and authentically yourself.


Coaching is about authoring new stories and new possibilities into existence. It is about expanding your self-awareness, unlearning stale habits and shifting outdated assumptions and beliefs.

 Your coach will draw from within you a best you couldn’t have conceived of.

The key role of your coach is to help you design a new future for yourself.  A future in which you go beyond what you normally deem possible. You will learn to see how you are currently operating in your life and what stops you from achieving the commitments and aspirations you hold as being beyond your limits, outside your comfort zone.  Your coach will enable you to gain access to seeing another perspective, which is wider, and more far reaching than the perspective you usually have about yourself, your career and your life.

Through the coaching process you explore and discover new aspects of yourself.  Together with your coach:

  • You create a vision and new possibilities for your work and your life
  • You discover what your stand is in life
  • You specify areas of unfulfilled potential and what you want to accomplish
  • You identify the purpose which calls you into action 
  • You identify which commitments will support you in fulfilling your vision
  • You create a context for your plan that inspires and excites you and galvanizes you into action
  • You commit to the actions and next steps you need to take to turn it from a good idea to a reality and results.

Your coach will ask you penetrating questions and give you candid feedback, designed to get under the surface, behind the habit; he/she will empower you to step out of your comfort zone into a new zone of possibility.

What you can expect from coaching

  • To consistently meet your commitments and deadlines
  • To tackle the issues you usually avoid
  • To increase your clarity and confidence in presentations and meetings
  • To respond positively to setbacks and disappointments
  • To improve your ability to listen
  • To dismantle your own barriers to accelerated performance
  • To think big and achieve breakthrough results
  • To work on areas of unfulfilled potential  and unexpressed possibilities
  • Create new futures
  • Drop restrictions of past beliefs
  • Dramatically better relationships



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