The Game Changer

24 Jun The Game Changer

It’s interesting how the brain works. Have you ever had something that you’ve been searching for in your mind for ages, somehow magically appear?

For the last four years I’ve been looking for the magical solution to telling people how our work at InterBe produces such dramatic effects.

But this morning, the obvious (in retrospect) solution dramatically appeared.

linersatlanticUsing the analogy of Transatlantic travel.

This diagram shows the reduction in the time taken for ships to cross the Atlantic.

In the 1830s it was around 17 days.

Then, the introduction of steam, more and more sophisticated engines and improved hull efficiency brought the time down to three and a half days.

 And then came the Game Changer.

DC3By avoiding the issue of hydraulic drag completely, and taking to the air, travel times came down to around 10 hours.

All the energy to marginally improve travel times suddenly became re-focused in a brand new way. The limits of the old way of doing things dropped away.

InterBe has been doing a lot of work with the NHS. Technologically the NHS cannot be faulted. It’s systems and procedures are second to none.

Yet the responses to the demand for efficiency improvements are usually focused on putting more and more effort into making an old organisation paradigm work. InterBe, as with the introduction of the aeroplane. introduces a new way of approaching the problem.

Relationships underlie the effectiveness of organisations and underpin the efforts to have amazing technologies used to their full extent.

As human beings, we are not normally trained in the relationship skills our organisations need to function in the modern world.

InterBe’s work is in educating people to liberate their communication potential allowing effective relationships and productive organisations.

Because it’s these relationships – between commissioner and provider, professional and administrator, manager and front-line staff and front-line staff and the public – that make the difference between work being a struggle, and life being exciting and fulfilling.

  • Kate Philbin
    Posted at 09:05h, 25 June Reply

    Fantastic blog. I love the analogy – so powerful and accessible

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