The Importance of Authenticity: InterBe in the media

26 May The Importance of Authenticity: InterBe in the media


Authenticity is a topic that’s been trending in the business press recently, so much so, a dedicated website has been set up by the owners of business news specialists Fresh Business Thinking to capture the very best advice from business leaders in the authentic arena. And guess who they asked to contribute an article for its launch? Yes, our very own Director, Mo Cohen! published Mo’s article in April 2015, Mo explains:

“I was approached by Authenticity Rules as they had heard I was an expert in the field, which is flattering. As it is a business-focussed resource, put together by the news specialists Fresh Business Thinking, I by-lined an introductory article that covered what authenticity was, the qualities of an authentic leader and the importance of authenticity in business. It was very rewarding to do and we are in talks with Authenticity Rules about the possibility of me writing some additional material for the site.”

To read Mo’s article in full, visit:

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