The Six Ways to Resolve a Conflict

14 May The Six Ways to Resolve a Conflict

Disputes, conflicts and hostilities are an inevitable aspect of organisational life.

How do you deal with conflict?

1. Avoid
Everyone loses
• You are anxious to avoid any situation where conflict might occur
• You cut yourself off
• They don’t know what you think (though they can guess)
• They don’t trust you
• You don’t trust yourself

2. Accommodate
You lose
• You lose face
• Experience a reduction in your sense of value
• Close down
• Feel resentful and can’t wait to get your own back

3. Dominate
They lose
• They lose face
• They experience a reduction in their sense of value
• They close down
• They feel resentful and can’t wait to get their own back

4. Compromise
You both lose
• You both get something
• You both think about what you could have got if you had planned or strategised better
• You both plan or strategise to grab back some of your lost ground.

5. Win Win
You both win
• You both feel good
• You both move on
• You hope the next conflict will be resolved as well

6. Transform
You create something extra-ordinary and full of possibility
• Wounds healed
• Perceptions shifted
• Conversations transformed from conflict to collaboration
• New possibilities opened up
• All concerned empowered
• Interdependence fostered, community enhanced.

Which would you go for?
The Six Ways To Dealing With Conflict






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