Victim of Violence or Dragonslayer?

20 Apr Victim of Violence or Dragonslayer?

Next week (23 April) is St George’s Day. And I think that England’s patron saint has something to teach us about the power of storytelling.


What do you know about St George? I’m guessing not much except perhaps that he slayed a dragon or maybe that his insignia was a red cross on a white background, which features to this day as part of the Union Jack.


St George – the epitome of English honour, courage and gallantry – was actually Turkish. He lived in the 3rd century and was a vociferous campaigner against the Roman persecution of Christians. Sadly, his protests fell on deaf ears and he was imprisoned and tortured by the Romans before being beheaded at Lydda in Palestine.


St George’s story is a great example of re-authoring.


The story of a third century Christian man martyred by Romans is a sad but unremarkable one. On the other hand, the story of a young man bravely facing a dragon (symbolism in the Middle Ages for the devil) and slaying it single-handedly is inspiring enough to convince an entire nation to adopt this guy as their patron saint.


There is a message in that for all of us. In our own lives, we can choose to re-author any aspect of our “story” that doesn’t serve us. If we’re tired of being victims, we can reinvent ourselves as dragonslayers.


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Hope to see you there.

Kate x


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Vicky Barrington


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