What We Do

All of our work is about transformation. Much of what we do is designed for organisations but we also work with families and individuals through our coaching and intensive training programmes.

Organisational Transformation

Many businesses seeking to bring about change focus on doing things differently. In our experience, true transformational change only occurs when people within the organisation start to be a different way. This is how we approach change.


This is because when people start to be different, their doing automatically changes. The result is change at a deeper and more sustainable level – true transformational change.

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Family and Personal Transformation

InterBe changes people’s lives. Or, more accurately, we support people to change their own lives.


Few of us are really aware of the stories, or narratives, that we tell ourselves… about who we are, about the world, about the people around us. Our work with individuals and families focuses on supporting them to recognise these stories, to understand why they are important and how to tell different stories.

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