Changing Stories, Changing Organisations, Changing Lives

Narrative Transformation - it's all about the story

Transforming the Narrative, Allowing New Possibilities to Emerge

Today, most of us know that human beings are pattern makers and storytellers. What is not so well know is how to use this fact, about the nature of what it is to be human, to transform, uncomfortable, challenging and sometimes dangerous situations

Something happens

Families, workplaces, teams, are made up groups, all telling each other, and themselves, their own version of the current situation.

Whenever something happens we store a memory of how it began, what happened, what that meant for us and how we should respond. Studies have shown that these memories are remarkably unreliable.

When we discover that, for instance, what happened began some where other than we thought, or that our understanding of what happened was mistaken, that when we felt criticised, we had misheard and actually it was a compliment, suddenly the 'reality' of the situation changes. Once a narrative changes, we can reconsider from a more informed position, and, maybe now, we can respond differently.

We all have our stories We are not our stories

We are entirely made up of our stories. We are the way we are because of what (we believe) has happened to us, around us and for us. Families share stories. Teams and organisations share stories. Sometimes whole communities share stories about other communities.

The stories become the dominant discourse.

We all have our thoughts and values

Think, for a moment, about how a specific group, that you belong to, has responded to a recent event. It is the stories that people believe - the discourse - that informs their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Consider what the dominant discourse has been and how it is influencing the outcome.

Narrative Transformation

We design, create and deliver programmes founded on the premise that the reality we perceive is entirely created by our stories (narratives). They form a constant backdrop to all our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

When we change those stories our experience is transformed. This is the essence of narrative transformation which we have been practising, researching and developing, for over 30 years.

You can read more on how InterBe works here.

Programmes and Courses

We offer opportunities for breakthrough

Our Work is Narrative Transformation

When something in an organisation is transformed, everyone and everything can be different

Be Differently

Narrative Transformation is a term we have coined here at InterBe to sum up what we do and how we do it. It is all part of who we are. Of course we are all different but InterBe takes that understanding and expands it until we dicover how we are also all the same. We are all the same in that, as human beings, we tend be be so busy doing what we have to do that we don't realise that it is how we are being that makes the difference.

We will not teach you how to do things differently as this is not in the realm of transformation. We will show you how it is possible to be different. And, in being different, the things you want to change will automatically transform.

Organisation Transformation

If an organisation is struggling to manage change, InterBe leads people to expanding the narratives allowing for new possibilities to emerge. We share our research into neuroscience and quantum thinking. By coming from unexpected angles we facilitate the experience of sharing of new perspectives and open up the notion of possibility.. People surprise themselves. They get in touch with how they have been limiting themselves and begin to move beyond their old horizons. This doesn't just change the situation. The old reality, whatever it was that needed to be changed, will be transformed.

Team Coaching

Teams; however small, however large, sometimes new perspectives. When teams are 'stuck', the organisation, the individuals and the team's own performance will suffer. Bringing Narrative Transformation to the situation allows a new version of the same team to emerge: one that is equipped to face the uncertainties that can arise in any organisation, find new ways around old problems and be prepared for the unexpected.


Twenty-first century leaders lead with authenticity, integrity and presence. These are the core attributes explored in depth during our Leadership Programmes.
These leaders are nimble, flexible and creative. Able to think beyond the visible horizon, they are comfortable with the unpredictable. They may take old thinking and past experience into account but are not constrained by either.

As a result, their meetings, decisions and communication are focussed and razor sharp.

These personal attributes become their way of being. Consequently their colleagues and teams experience a leader they value and can trust and by whom they feel valued. Attendance, perfomance, and wellbeing begins to spread and evryone involved will benefit.

Personal Development, Coaching, and Transformation

When an individual comes to us feeling stuck or disempowered, we join them in an exploration of their stories; discovering where something may have started, how a story might have developed, and how to see things differently, allowing new possibilities to emerge. When you inquire into a limiting story, reality seems to be affected, new responses become possible. Change one thing and everything changes. We cannot tell you how the new possibilities will look, as this is entirely dependent on you. We can tell you that the possibilities will be exciting, transformational and possibly life-changing.


Take a look at some of our success stories to see how our work has transformed other people’s personal and professional lives.

Clients past and present

We work with organisations seeking to transform their culture and leadership and overcome conflict. We work with individuals to help them break free of whatever is holding them back and achieve their full potential. All of our work is about creating new possibilities.