Changing Stories, Changing Lives

InterBe is a transformative learning and development organisation.

While some training and development organisations deliver incremental change, InterBe’s approach is one of profound transformation. Our work changes people’s lives and the cultures of the organisations they work for.

We call our approach Narrative Transformation.

Narrative Transformation

Narrative Transformation is founded on the premise that the reality we perceive is entirely created by our narratives, or the stories we tell. If an organisation is struggling to manage change, it is due to its narratives. If an individual feels stuck or disempowered, this is caused by his or her narratives.


By changing a limiting story, literally anything becomes possible. People experience new ways of thinking, seeing and being.


If you are looking for profound and lasting change, talk to us about Narrative Transformation.


We cannot tell you how the new possibilities will look, as this is entirely dependent on you. We can tell you that the possibilities will be exciting and, potentially, life-changing for organisations and individuals.


We will not teach you how to do things differently as this is not in the realm of transformation. We will show you how to be different. And, in being different, the things you want to change will automatically transform.


Take a look at our success stories to see how our work has transformed other people’s personal and professional lives.

Who we work with

We work with organisations seeking to transform their culture and leadership and overcome conflict. We work with individuals to help them break free of whatever is holding them back and achieve their full potential.


All of our work is about creating new possibilities.

Click here to read our stories of personal breakthrough and professional transformation.

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Far too many of us, know someone who has experienced bullying, or worse, experienced it ourselves.
Nearly a quarter of NHS workers say they have been bullied or harassed in the workplace, this can undoubtedly lead to a toxic environment for staff, patients and their families.
Our short introductory workshop, explores the thinking around bullying and harassment: Are we contributing to its elimination or perpetuating the problem?
We create an opportunity for the identification of practices that help to reduce these occurrences, handle our own experience of bullies and stand for others who may be suffering bullying or harassment.
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InterBe... doing what we say we will do
You can read this brochure on our website
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Life is chaotic
Coaching is a way of being
It is not problem solving
or goal setting
It is a whole way of life
A practice
Coaching implies a willingness to live
in the line between
knowing and not knowing

Mo Cohen: Tao, the way of the coach
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