Musings from the InterBe Team


Welcome to some InterBe conversation

Ontologically speaking, wandering without being lost is a freedom.

A woman with a coffee is listening intently

Leaders are no longer locked into the Newtonian view of each team member as a cog in a complicated machine.

I left InterBe.

I came back to InterBe.

A man in a face mask looks directly at us

Requests for resilience training have never gone away. 

InterBe develops resilience as a mindset.

a a young woman seems to be wearing a red boxing glove. She looks directly at us with a slight smile.

A good conversation is more like a duet than a debate, more like a bridge than a battle.

Mo explains how conflict transformation is so much more than conflict resolution

An old favourite: Simon shared his wisdom on the money conundrum back in 2014 and it is still relevant today.

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